Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Consumers Digest Best Buy Award Winner

Culligan High Efficiency Series

The High Efficiency Series has a unique sensor that continuously monitors incoming water hardness and provides only the amount of salt that’s needed, which saves salt. (Other water softeners use the same amount of salt during regeneration.) This series also includes a unique wireless usage-monitoring station that displays water usage, regeneration frequency and low-salt messages. And this series has Culligan’s unique “dial-a-softness” feature, which allows you to adjust the softness of the treated water. Upflow regeneration versions of the water softener, which include a 9-inch-diamter model ($2,300), are suited for homes that receive water from municipal water supplies. Downflow regeneration versions of the water softener—9-inch($2,300), 10-inch ($2,500), 12-inch ($2,700), and 14-inch ($2,900)—are suited for homes served by well water.

Best Buys in Water Softeners

Best Buys in water softeners were selected based on capacity, quality of construction, salt usage and warranty.
Water softeners use sodium chloride (table salt) to remove unwanted minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which are dissolved in tap water.
The content of source water can vary greatly among different locations, so you should check with your local water-treatment agency regarding your area’s water quality before you determine which water softener will best meet your household needs.
Filter capacity is measured in grains of minerals and is the amount of material that a softener can filter out of the water before it performs a self-clean rinse, or regeneration
Efficiency is measured in the number of grains of minerals that are removed per pound (g/lb.) of salt that’s used.
Flow rating is the amount of water that a softener can provide to the home at any one time and is measured in gallons per minute (gpm). Softeners that have a low flow rating might decrease water pressure during showers and make for longer laundry-cycle times.
Best Price is a reflection of the lowest retail price that was available at press time and is subject to change.
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Go Green & Save!

Bottled Water Delivery Service
Drink better tasting, better quality tap water and “go green” at the same time. With our reverse osmosis (RO) water systems, point-of-use coolers and 5-gallon bottled water coolers, you can fill up on pure, great-tasting drinking water at home or on the go. You get the same quality water you've come to enjoy from single-serve bottles with less environmental waste.
Multiply that by 28 billion, which is the number of single-serve water bottles that are purchased each year - 86% of which end up in landfills. That's almost 7,000 tons of bottles discarded every day! 

  • When you purchase cooler-sized bottles from Culligan you're getting the equivalent of 37 single-serve bottles and you're partnering with a company that reuses its plastic containers up to 90 times!
  • If everyone installed an RO System from Culligan, we'd eliminate an average of 166 single-serve bottles of water that each we drinks per year.

Culligan not only reduces the disposal of non-biodegradable waste, but saves you time and money. Single-serve water bottles cost an average of $1.50 each, while an in-home RO filtration system costs you just pennies a serving and can pay for itself in less than a year!
Bottle-Free Water Coolers
Culligan® Bottle-Free Point-of-Use Coolers are available for your office as well, completely eliminating the expense of bottles and any delivery service fees associated with 5- gallon containers.
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