Friday, May 24, 2013

Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Culligan Water This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is right around the corner and we can’t wait for the first holiday weekend of the summer! With barbecues, the lake and family traditions, it just may be one of our favorite holidays of the year. That’s why we can’t leave our favorite beverage out of the equation. Here are 5 ways you can enhance your Memorial Day experience with better water:

  1. Great-tasting, Refreshing, Ice Cold water. With so many fun beverages to drink on Memorial Day, don’t forget your faithful friend – an ice cold, tall glass of water. It’s always a good idea to alternate whatever you are drinking with a glass of water so you stay hydrated and feel fresh all weekend. The Culligan Aqua-Cleer® Drinking Water System will filter any sediment and impurities that give your water a bad taste. You can also choose Culligan bottled water delivery service to have better tasting water delivered right to your door. However you choose to get better tasting water, you’ll thank us next Tuesday morning.

  2. Brew Better Beverages. Whether you enjoy your tea sweet or not, this favorite summer beverage can taste better with better water. Consider making tea with filtered water instead of using plain tap water. You can use the water from your bottled water cooler, or your in-home water filter. Either will provide you great water as a base for making even better tea.

  3. Wash Your Veggies. A staple in a Memorial Day cookout is veggies, both grilled and served raw with a dip. But if you don’t like the taste of your water, you may be transferring some of that taste to your food by washing your vegetables in it. The next time you think about rinsing your food, consider using better water than what comes out of your tap.

  4. Free Up Space for a Watermelon. Not enough room in the refrigerator or cooler for the watermelon? Get the bottles of water or the filtration pitcher out of your fridge, and use a Culligan bottled water dispenser, or have a chiller installed with your drinking water system. Both are great and now you have room for two watermelons. Best Memorial Day ever!

  5. Don’t Forget the Ice! During a hot summer cookout, you could consume more ice than you think. You can make the crystal clear ice cubes you get from the store right at home by using water purified by a Culligan reverse osmosis system installed under your sink by the Culligan Man. Or you can make ice cubes with filtered water brought right to your door with Culligan's water bottle delivery service.
If you want to get the most out of your water this Memorial Day Weekend, call your local Culligan Man. He will set you up with what you need for better drinking water, better ice and more room in your fridge!
We at Culligan wish you a Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Stay safe and hydrated.