Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Culligan Celebrates 75 Years with “Hey Culligan Man!”

Culligan Man
It’s not every day a 75-year-old company re-defines its brand icon. Water treatment leader Culligan International is doing just that with an update to its famous “Hey Culligan Man!” persona.  A new website at ( in Canada) features a new Culligan Man and is loaded with information on waterquality and water treatment solutions for homeowners and businesses.  The initiatives cap the company’s 75thanniversary year.
Introduced in 1958, “Hey, Culligan Man!” remains one of the most recognized advertising slogans and an important link between customers and the company’s network of over 800 dealers in 90 countries worldwide.
“Culligan products are in over three million homes and consumers associate ‘Hey Culligan Man!’ with the leader in the water category,” said Curt Hilliard, Culligan’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. “The slogan is completely embedded in our culture, but the image of the Culligan Man was not representing the services our dealers were performing.  Although dealers have it shouted out to them everywhere they go, from the largest city to the farm, we need to expand what consumers think about when they say this celebrated phrase.”
Culligan Bottle Water Delivery
Hilliard added that the update celebrates Culligan dealers for exactly who they are—highly-skilled professionals. “It syncs how we picture and talk about the Culligan Man—representing all our dealers, men and women—with their day-to-day roles as trusted partners and advisers to homeowners and business customers who are looking to become more educated about the importance and role of water in their lives.  Because water changes community to community and is always a local issue, whether via a municipal system or a well, ‘Hey Culligan Man!’ is clearly a call for expertise. Culligan dealers truly are local water experts—champions for improving water quality for families and businesses.”
The new website leverages Culligan’s state-of-the-art water expertise in an educational, resource-rich, interactive environment.  The site’s “Solution Center” helps visitors configure answers to a host of water questions and problems categorized by touch, taste, smell, appearance or contaminant. 
For example, if a customer is experiencing situations such as dry and itchy skin, a bitter taste in water, water that smells like rotten eggs, spots on glasses, or they have a local water supply issue such as arsenic in water, they can find a solution to address their unique problems. Information is also available on hundreds of Culligan products and services,from drinking water systems to water softeners and water filtration systems,with links to find the local Culligan Man, who is ready to help.
“Consumers want to be educated on water treatment and now have a better understanding of their options by visiting the website,” concluded Hilliard.  “And when they need professional treatment options, they can say  ‘Hey, Culligan Man!,’ knowing that phrase gets them access to a trusted local water professional—backed by Culligan International—with the knowledge, network and tools to support their needs.”
About Culligan International: Founded in 1936 by Emmett Culligan, Culligan International is a world leader in delivering water solutions that will improve the lives of their customers. The company offers the most technologically-advanced, state-of-the-art water filtration products, including water softeners, drinking water systems, whole-house systems and solutions for business.  Culligan’s network of franchise dealers is the largest in the world with over 800 dealers in 90countries.  Many Culligan dealers have valuable equity in their communities as multi-generational, family owners of their franchises.

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